Light Bases

Bring your crystal to life with a decorative light base to bring out the detail and beauty of your crystal.

Now that you have fashioned your laser-engraved crystal, there is no better way for it to come to life than with one of our L.E.D. light bases. Most crystals look their best when lit with white L.E.D.’s. However, we do have light bases that light up with a rainbow of colors.

We offer bases in several sizes depending on the size of your crystal. All of our light bases come with an array of light emitting diodes that light your crystal from below. We have a variety of bases to choose from. Our wooden bases are finished in a gloss black or beautiful rosewood that will enhance any decor. Each base is covered underneath with a velour material to prevent scratching. The bases include an on/off switch and are supplied with a USB cable and AC adapter.